Plans and pricing

Quick License Manager

QLM Express




QLM Enterprise


QLM Document Protection


QLM SDK Protection


QLM License Server Hosting

License Server Hosting


QLM Portal

QLM Portal


QLM Portal User


Version Upgrade

QLM Express

  • Upgrade to QLM Express 12


  • Upgrade to QLM Pro 12

QLM Enterprise

  • Upgrade to QLM Enterprise 12

Edition Upgrade

Express to Pro

  • Upgrade QLM Express 12 to QLM Pro 12

Express to Enterprise

  • Upgrade QLM Express 12 to QLM Ent 12

Pro to Enterprise

  • Upgrade QLM Pro 12 to QLM Ent 12

All prices are in US dollars.

Contact us if you are interested in our monthly subscription plan for QLM Pro, QLM Document Protection or QLM Enterprise